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Traditionally refrigeration units have a large start-up current draw which makes them difficult to run on small Generators or Solar (Battery) systems.

We have solved this issue with our new range of solar-optimised Monoblocks, reducing the start current requirements to as low as 1.2 Amps!

Weekender Package

This is a solar package designed for a solution to run for long weekends, and includes;
• Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger
• 2 x 510W Solar Panels
• Digital Multi Control
• 4 x 12V/220AH Deep Cycle Batteries

Fully remote Chiller

• Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger
• 4 x 510 W Solar Panels
• 2 x 25.6V/200AH LIFEPO4 Batteries
• Victron Cerbo GX with Touchpad interface
• Victron GX LTE – cellular connection
(control and monitoring from anywhere in NZ)

Points to Consider when thinking of a Solar Chilling Solution

• Mounting options for solar. 510w panels are 2187 x 1102 x 35
• All systems wanting to be operated for more than a weekend will need a back-up generator
• There is a crossover point for the solar and battery offerings. For example a hybrid solar system (grid connected and battery back ups) would be approximately $30k plus GST, for a 5kw Solar system with 8-10kW batteries. There will be scenarios where if they are already connected to mains power and the chiller isn’t going to be moved then a fixed solar installation with more panels would be the ideal. Batteries are the expensive part of a system and due to the size of the chiller we are limited by the amount of panels we can install. If we can install more panels then this will bring the cost down and the reliance on more batteries.


Our solar optimised Monoblocks are ahead of the curve in enabling a low start current to work seamlessly in solar (battery) or generator environments.

As with all of our Tecool by Chillerman Monoblocks, our Solar optimised models are slide in units, for chiller or freezer situations. Simple to install and remove for servicing, built in defrost and easy to use control panel. Single phase 240v plug in. Standard temperatures range from –10°C to +10°C for chillers and –5°C to –23°C for freezers.

An international brand with a long history of producing top quality products, we have worked with the manufacturer to tweak the design and features of the Monoblocks to suit our specific New Zealand conditions. They are made with the highest quality components and are built for New Zealand Conditions.

Solar Optimised Monoblocks

Chiller Monoblock Specifications

Setpoint Temp Range ℃ -10℃ to 10℃
Compressor Power (HP) 1
Input Power (W) 1250
Start Current (A) 1.2-1.5
Rated Current (A) 3.8-4.5
Max. Load Current (A) 7
Voltage 230~240V
Condenser Air Volume (mᶟ/h) 950
Condenser Fan Power (W) 75
Condenser Fan Diameter (mm) 300
Evaporator Air Volume (mᶟ/h) 600
Evaporator Fan Power (W) 50
Evaporator Fan Diameter (mm) 250
Noise @1m (dB) 42
Net Weight (kg) 65
Reference Cool Volume (mᶟ) 9

Freezer Monoblock Specifications

Setpoint Temp Range ℃ -23℃ to -5℃
Compressor Power (HP) 1.5
Input Power (W) 1350
Start Current (A) 2-2.5
Rated Current (A) 6-7.5
Max. Load Current (A) 10
Voltage 230~240V
Condenser Air Volume (mᶟ/h) 1200
Condenser Fan Power (W) 100
Condenser Fan Diameter (mm) 2 x 250
Evaporator Air Volume (mᶟ/h) 1000
Evaporator Fan Power (W) 75
Evaporator Fan Diameter (mm) 300
Noise @1m (dB) 50
Net Weight (kg) 75
Reference Cool Volume (mᶟ) 12

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