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If you need a mobile Chiller or Freezer room then get in touch, whether on our existing trailer or you need one built - we can help!

We work with local trailer manufacturers to produce single axle or tandem trailers for your mobile coolroom solution.

The 1.4x1.8 is our most popular sized room for stationary applications is also a great size to mount on a trailer. We normally build the trailers as single axle, braked and with a platform at the rear with two stabilising feet. They can be configured with meat rails or shalves depending on what you are mainly looking to cool.

If you need a more space, one of our 2x2 rooms fits beautifully on a tandem trailer. The width of the wheel track makes for a very stable and smooth towing trailer. The trailer below is an example of what you can create when building a mobile chiller with one of our solar-optimised monoblocks - a truly mobile chilling solution.

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